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Velena Sims, REALTOR®

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I was born and raised right here in Amarillo and although I made the declaration at 18 years old that as soon as I graduated high school, I would leave Amarillo and head off to a big city to “make a name for myself”, 20 years later, I’m still here.  Why is that?  Well, simply put, it’s because Amarillo is home.  It’s where family is, it’s where my heart is and where it will remain!! I know what it’s like to experience the joys of home ownership.  God has blessed my husband and I to experience that feeling twice and nothing will make my heart happier than to help others experience that same feeling.  I’m not afraid of working hard to achieve a goal!  Thus far in my life God has blessed me exceedingly and abundantly to achieve just about everything I’ve dreamt of.  Whether in my marriage where I’ve been married to the love of my life, Myron for 19 years or in my educational goals where I’ve obtained an Associate in Applied Science-Business Management degree from Amarillo College, a Bachelor of Applied Science-Business Management degree from Wayland Baptist University and if everything goes as planned, in March 2021, a Master of Arts Management degree from Wayland as well. I’m not afraid to put the work in to make the dream come true.  My Granny used to tell me “Decisions Determine Destiny” and I’ve used that saying along with a lot of prayer to guide me throughout my life and it will be what I use to help me help others achieve their homeownership goals.

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